I’ve worked with various types of contractors during the last two years.  I confess, I’m not impressed with many providers.  In fact, many are unable to implement these three foundational principles of any successful business or service.

  1. Be on time.  Not two or three hours late or failing to show up at all on any particular day.
  2. Be timely.  Finish the project on time.  I realize there’s a special law of the universe that declares all construction projects, in particular, must take more time than estimated.  I factor that in.  But, allowing a project to drag on for weeks and weeks beyond a reasonable end date is unacceptable.
  3. Be friendly.  I’m happy to say that most people get extra stars for this one.  Still, there are a few that bring their grumpiness or burned out and thus bummed out attitude into the work.

I’ve noticed that people often bring their dysfunctional patterns into their contracted work, sometimes without even realizing it themselves.  But it shows and, as a client, you pay for it unless you are highly perceptive, an excellent communicator, and are able to set clear limits.

As a contractor, if you can shine in these three simple ways, you’ll be legs up on the average business person.  You’ll win my heart, and I bet you’ll win the heart of many other clients.

What wins your heart when you hire someone on contract?  How do you win others hearts when you provide labor or a service?


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